Ultrasonography for Dogs and Cats

Pet Ultrasound ImageAn ultrasound uses sound waves rather than radiation (as is the case for x-rays) to penetrate internal organs. A computer analyzes the sound waves and forms a computerized image that is displayed on a screen. Sound waves and images are updated greater than 30 times per second, allowing organs to be seen as they are functioning.

Detection of bladder, kidney and gall bladder stones, fluid and blood, thickness of organ walls, obstructions, cysts, pregnancy, and tumors can all be clearly seen using this type of diagnostic imaging. Small, fine structures that cannot be seen on x-rays, such as the pancreas and adrenal glands, may be easily seen on ultrasound.

Ultrasound is a safe, non-invasive imaging technique that allows for visualization of structures not otherwise possible with x-rays. It is more economical than contrast x-rays and shows greater detail.

Guided by the ultrasound images, biopsy and fluid samples can be safely and easily obtained from your pet without performing invasive, costly, and painful surgery.