max rehabMeet Max, an adorable 11 year old rescued mix. As you can tell by his pictures, he's quite happy to be doing rehab, and he is very high energy and wiggly.

When Max initially came to rehab, it was because his “human parents” noticed that anytime he would get excited and play, he would twist his back legs and then would limp severely afterwards.

It turned out that he had issues with a patellar luxation. Patellar luxation is when a dog’s kneecap dislocates from its normal anatomical position in the groove of the femur.

Max has now been in rehab for approximately 6 weeks. He is limping much less and able to go on walks and play with his toys without severely limping afterwards.

At home, Max is taken on regular walks to help keep up his strength and stamina. He also does a couple of strength training exercises that engage his leg muscles.

max rehabOne of those exercises is called “Paws up.” During this exercise, Max steps up on a flat surface with both of his front feet. His rear feet stay firmly on the ground. He holds this position for 1 to 2 minutes.

Another exercise Max loves is called a “Doggy Pushup.” During this strength training exercise, Max sits squarely on his haunches and then pushes himself into an upright stand. He does this for a few repetitions each time.

Max is doing very well with his Canine Rehabilitative Therapy, and we are very proud of his progress.

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