Ginger using the underwater treadmillGinger is a 3-year-old Cockapoo who had surgery to repair a disc in her back and was struggling to walk again. She had very little strength and control over her back end, especially her left rear leg.

With the help of some rehabilitative exercises, including using the underwater treadmill, Ginger's condition improved. She can now walk, run, and play like other dogs. She's able to correct her own knuckling, has better control of her hind limbs, and walks with little to no dragging in that problem leg. Although she still has minor struggles, she's made excellent progress so far and continues to grow stronger with every session.

At home, Ginger’s parents continue working on her rehabilitative therapy by practicing sitting and standing for long periods of time and doing weight shifting exercises to increase her strength and muscle tone. All three of them are doing a wonderful job. 

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