Fall can be an exciting and fun time for you, but a scary time for your pet. We have some tips to keep your pets safe during all of the frightfully fun fall and Halloween activities.

Dog Halloween Cookies1. Especially on Halloween keep your pets safe from pranks.
Do not leave your pets unattended outdoors on the day before, the day of, or the day after Halloween. Cruel pranksters can hurt your pets. Black cats are especially high priority targets during Halloween.

2. No candy or fall treats for Fluffy the cat or Fido the dog.
While plain apples and plain pumpkin may be okay for your dogs, giving them candied apples or pumpkin pie is not. Due to the added sugars these can be harmful to your pets. You also want to keep any chocolates or goodies from trick or treating out of your pets reach. These treats may be delicious to us, but they are harmful to your pets and should not be given or in your pets reach. If they can smell them, they can find them!

3. Keep your pets away from lit pumpkins and lit holiday decor.
Pets can knock over pumpkins causing hazards not only to them but to you as well. Keep lighted decor out of reach of your pet including glow sticks. The twinkling lights and wires attract many pets, especially cats to investigate and chew. If glow sticks are ingested they can cause stomach irritation and a bad taste in your furry friend’s mouth causing them to drool and foam.

Dog Pumpkin Costume4. If your pet is scared or reluctant don’t put them in festive costume.
Some pets are willing candidates to rock an adorable fall outfit. However, do not force a non-compliant pet to wear a costume if they are anxious. This is how many accidental bites from pets occur. Your pet becomes scared and uses one of the only defense mechanisms they know how to use. If your pet is ok wearing a costume make sure it is breathable and your pet can see and hear well to avoid any accidental scares.

5. Make sure your pet's tags and license (if applicable) is up to date.
While you may do your best to keep your pet indoors during trick or treating, there are still many times a pet may become spooked and try to bolt for a door escaping into the night. If your pets tags and license are up to date, it makes it easier to locate you, as the owner. It is also a good idea to have your pet microchipped.

If you won’t be home with your pets during times of excitement over the fall season, such as trick or treating events, fall festivals, or anything that could potentially spook your pet try to make sure they are comfortable.

Defer some of the noises by turning on a radio or television for your pet. You can also try securing them in a secluded part of the house, where they may be more comfortable.

If you have any questions or your pet has come into contact with any of these dangers please give our office a call at 717-957-3991.